Your Hospitality Story™ begins here. Complete the intelligence report below to the fullest extent of your capabilties.

Intelligence Report

Let’s build your vision. If the questions get tough, look to the placeholder answers for inspiration of the scope we’re looking for.


The goal of this section is to gain an understanding of who you are, what is driving your business, and what the foundation is for future success. We've laid out example responses using one of our favourite superheros to give you guidance on the process.
If you do not have a physical location, please describe your current operations.
Business phone number, or personal contact number if there is no business phone.
Business email preferred, personal email if there is no business email.
The number of locations operating or opening.
The number of business owners or decision-makers who will be working on this project.
Tell us about why you are opening this business.
Tell us about what your business does to solve a consumer problem. Tell us why people should care.
Tell us the differentiating features that make your business different.
Tell us what makes people give a sh*t about you. Tell us why customers should choose your business over others.
Tell us a detailed description of the type of customer you want to serve.
Provide a description of what you want your customers to say about you.
Tell us about what it's like to visit, what's good about the place, what to order, and why you like going.
Tell us about what long term goal of the business is, and where you see a successful path leading to.
Tell us red flags and other items that you DO NOT want associated with your business.
Sum up your business in one sentence.


The goal of this section is to gain insight into the strategic approach we are going to build into your brand positioning, brand architecture, and market. We've downgraded from the superhero answers to standard responses to get more particular.
Describe your brand or business as if it were a distinct, and memorable person.
Tell us how guests and customers should feel when they engage with your brand.
Tell us what other brands, in other industries, you would liken yourself to?
Tell us how your brand is different when compared to other brands in the same industry.
Examples could be earth, air, fire, stone, water etc.
Include any remaining items you would like to say about your brand, or believe are important. You can include links, colours, ideas, notes, messaging etc.


The goal of this section is to build a scope of project deliverables. If your scope has been confirmed already, you can skip over this section.


The goal of this section is to gain an understanding of the scope, timeframe, and the logistical environment of your project. This will enable us to reverse-engineer a process and timeline for key deliverables, business plan, and brand activation.
Tell us about who the primary stakeholders are, how are they included in the process, who is responsible for making the final decision.
For example a chef, key staff, hospitality management group, architects, designers, decorators, branding/creative agency, PR firm, general contractor, consultants, specialists, any in-house individuals or teams etc.

Key Reference Points

Provide any notes on the space, timeline, or additional information that you believe we should be aware of.


The goal of this section is to optimize your business by establishing systems, routines, and infrastructure to improve efficiency and reduce or remove monetary drains and time wastage.
This can include team meetings, training, employee performance reviews, company trips, team events etc.
Please include any software, applications, or plans for organizing your business that you would like us to take into consideration, or any questions or concerns you have about systematizing your business.